ECOROCK is a revolutionary compact waste water treatment plant system used to treat organic waste including sewage, light paper and most household cleaners. It consists of HDPE tanks and special BIOROCK media dispensing the need for any concrete works. Preferably installed in ground, it minimises visual impact and covers a smaller footprint. Systems are also suited to seasonal conditions operating effectively for upto 6 months when left unused.

The two stage treatment process produces high quality effluent that may be discharged into sensitive watercourses. The biological process is simple and is gravity fed thereby ensuring reliability and low maintenance over traditional systems. The treatment process is as follows;

Stage 1
The raw sewage enters a primary tank where separation and breakdown of organic solids takes place.

Stage 2
The sewage then passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the ECOROCKĀ® unit which incorporates ECOROCK media. This specially formulated media facilitates aerobic digestion and also contains microscopic pollution degradation bacteria preventing it from clogging. After digestion, a filtration process takes place before the effluent is discharged.

Features include;
  • Works without electric power due to the design dispensing the need for pumps, blowers and compressors reducing lifetime costs.
  • No moving parts resulting in no downtime due to breakdowns or wear and tear.
  • Silent operation.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Ease of handling and installation eliminating need for concrete.
Biorock Purification Results*:
BOD: 4mg/l, 99%
COD: 26mg/l, 96%
TSS: 3mg/l, 99%
*Testing done in conformity to EU Norm EN 12566-3, testing Institute: PIA in Aachen, Germany.

Medium: Organic waste not containing aggressive medium
Max. Ambient Temperature: 400C
Max. Medium Temperature: 250C

Model ECOROCK 1500 ECOROCK 3000 ECOROCK 5000 Multi-30 2XER5000 Multi-60 2XER5000 Multi-90 2XER5000 Multi-120 4XER5000
Population Equivalent (PE) 6 18 30 36 60 90 120
Flow, m3/day 0.9 2.7 4.5 5.4 9 13.5 18
Organic Loading (Kg/BOD/day) 0.36 1.08 1.8 2.16 3.6 5.4 7.2
Nitrogen Loading (Kg/NH/day) 0.05 0.15 0.25 0.29 0.48 0.72 0.96
Length, m 1.15 2.15 4.5 2.15 4.5 4.5 4.5
Width, m 1.01 1.15 1.15 2.3 2.3 3.45 4.6
Height, m 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1