The Bioliff team has been at the forefront of wastewater treatment technology in Kenya & East Africa for over a decade, with extensive experience of technical design, manufacture and supply of world class wastewater & water recycling solutions.

With over 250 installed projects in the region, Bioliff has successfully executed solutions for our customers that effectively deal with the challenge of wastewater management and disposal.

And now, Bioliff and Davis & Shirtliff have partnered together to create a vision of being the leading regional provider of decentralised and packaged, wastewater, and water reuse solutions.

Water Recycling & Sustainability

Our solutions play an important role in protecting our water resources, and public health & safety. With up to 98% purification, our treated water discharge standards are designed to meet the most stringent local and international standards.

Demand for reuse of treated wastewater is rapidly increasing, especially as we face ever increasing water shortages due to population pressure and environmental damage. Our solutions provide quality recycled water; saving our clients significant water and cost.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of guilt free water usage for reuse applications such as irrigation, car wash, toilet flushing etc.

"Water recycling is the future and the future is now"